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How is fashion changing because of the pandemic?

How is fashion changing because of the pandemic?

  • Stephanie Polite

The pandemic has upended every aspect of life. Most of the people are out of work globally. Retailers have to think about the unsold winter or summer stuff and spring merchandise.

According to a fashion consultant, the more people stay in the pandemic, the more their relationship will evolve with fashion.

Major changes in fashion due to pandemic

Some of the major changes in fashion during the COVID-19 pandemic are:

1.     No high heels and stiff dress shoes 

In the past years, there was a huge demand for high heels and dress shoes but due to the pandemic, their demand is decreased. According to a report, the sales of the stiletto-shaped heels are decreased by 11% last year. Retailers have to think about manufacturing thicker heels and padded insoles with longer jackets.

2.     Activewear 

As the home workout and fitness became more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and gyms are closed so the fashion of activewear or gym wear is trending. The sales of activewear are boosted from last year. 

Pandemic has replaced the evening wear and gowns with a capsule collection of kimonos and kaftans. 

3.     Sneakers 

Although the gyms are closed during a pandemic there is a demand for activewear and sneakers as many gyms launched home workout fitness apps and sessions. Sneakers became the top sold fashion accessories during a pandemic. 

4.     Oversized jackets 

The season is dedicated to oversized boyfriend blazers and long jackets. Shoulder pads are the best match to elongate the legs and clinch at the waist. 

Straight-leg trousers and leather shorts of neutral colors are in trend with oversized jackets. 

5.     Balloon sleeves 

In the last years, the balloon sleeves were not in fashion but during pandemics, these become more prominent. Balloon sleeves can be in form of dresses, blazers, shirts, tops, or coats and can be in solid colors.

6.     Outdoors 

During a pandemic, accessories like holdalls and padded backpacks are in demand. People prefer functional accessories such as water bottles with holders and leather trims. 

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