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How is fashion changing because of the pandemic?

How is fashion changing because of the pandemic?

  • Stephanie Polite

The pandemic has upended every aspect of life. Most of the people are out of work globally. Retailers have to think about the unsold winter or summer stuff and spring merchandise.

According to a fashion consultant, the more people stay in the pandemic, the more their relationship will evolve with fashion.

Major changes in fashion due to pandemic

Some of the major changes in fashion during the COVID-19 pandemic are:

1.     No high heels and stiff dress shoes 

In the past years, there was a huge demand for high heels and dress shoes but due to the pandemic, their demand is decreased. According to a report, the sales of the stiletto-shaped heels are decreased by 11% last year. Retailers have to think about manufacturing thicker heels and padded insoles with longer jackets.

2.     Activewear 

As the home workout and fitness became more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and gyms are closed so the fashion of activewear or gym wear is trending. The sales of activewear are boosted from last year. 

Pandemic has replaced the evening wear and gowns with a capsule collection of kimonos and kaftans. 

3.     Sneakers 

Although the gyms are closed during a pandemic there is a demand for activewear and sneakers as many gyms launched home workout fitness apps and sessions. Sneakers became the top sold fashion accessories during a pandemic. 

4.     Oversized jackets 

The season is dedicated to oversized boyfriend blazers and long jackets. Shoulder pads are the best match to elongate the legs and clinch at the waist. 

Straight-leg trousers and leather shorts of neutral colors are in trend with oversized jackets. 

5.     Balloon sleeves 

In the last years, the balloon sleeves were not in fashion but during pandemics, these become more prominent. Balloon sleeves can be in form of dresses, blazers, shirts, tops, or coats and can be in solid colors.

6.     Outdoors 

During a pandemic, accessories like holdalls and padded backpacks are in demand. People prefer functional accessories such as water bottles with holders and leather trims. 

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Top 4 current fashion trends of winter 2021 that you can flaunt right now

Top 4 current fashion trends of winter 2021 that you can flaunt right now

  • Stephanie Polite

2021 is slowly coming to an end, but for the fashion industry and the fashionistas, it does not change the fact that the winter trends will continue to dominate the next year. Overall, the winter 2021 fashion trends have mainly focused on the comfortability of the garments, experimenting with style and pieces, the introduction of color, and bringing back the glamour of the past eras. All of that, perfectly combined with the dose of fresh touch and input has dominated the fashion scene and the fashion street style.

For all those of you who need styling inspiration for what is currently trending and fashionable around the world, these are the top fashion trends that you can flaunt right now. Take a look!

Hoodies under blazers

One of the top trends that marked winter 2021 is the style of pairing and wearing hoodies under blazers. This trend was first spotted on the It-girls, as part of their travel attire. It is a look that instantly became popular. It looks cool and stylish when pairing an oversized, boxy blazer with an oversized hoodie. However, the other option is thinner hoodies with a tailored blazer. So, if you are a fan of hoodies, you can wear them with a twist, adding a blazer.

Cropped cardigan

Modern today's fashion is widely defined by a cropped cardigan. This is primarily a vintage-inspired trend, that delivers a cute and effortless outfit. the cropped cardigan will provide a modern and trendy look with skinny jeans, but if you want something extraordinary, then, pair it with lounge sweatpants or a midi skirt.

Boiler suit

Looking like a model is not an easy thing, but if you can copy their looks, then you definitely will turn heads. One trendy outfit for this winter is the boiler suit – a piece that everyone wants in their closet. It is easy and cool to wear and style, and saves a lot of time picking a matching top or bottom. It is practical and fashionable, and it comes in different fabrics and colors. It looks best with Doc. Martens boots or other chunky boots.

Bohemian florals

Florals are not just for spring. This winter, the floral print in focus is the bohemian florals. Not are only they fashionable, feminine, and natural, but they also carry a strong equality concept. The Boho floral style is the choice to go with since it perfectly blends the vintage with the modern. This pattern will look great on shirts, dresses, and skirts.


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Styles Trending in Spring/Summer 2021

Styles Trending in Spring/Summer 2021

  • Stephanie Polite

As we all begin to move forward from 2020 and start off our new year fresh. The question everyone want to know is what are the 2021 fashion trends for Spring/Summer collection? The styles that are trending are the transparent women's high heels & sandals. Women are still obsessed with wearing the oversized and rhinestone fashion sunglasses. We are starting to see a comeback of fanny packs & high tight...

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