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Styles Trending in Spring/Summer 2021

As we all begin to move forward from 2020 and start off our new year fresh. The question everyone want to know is what are the 2021 fashion trends for Spring/Summer collection? The styles that are trending are the transparent women's high heels & sandals. Women are still obsessed with wearing the oversized and rhinestone fashion sunglasses. We are starting to see a comeback of fanny packs & high tight cross over stylish bags. Jewelry has always been a way that a lot of women express themselves and we are seeing a trend of gold jewelry pieces such as, chain link bracelets and bold hoop earrings buzzing a trend. We are also noticing a rise in floral prints and earthy...

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The Rise of TopLine Royalty Boutique

Topline Royalty Boutique was established on February 14, 2020, by Stephanie Polite (Owner) a native from the Palmetto State Charleston SC. I have always dreamed of becoming a business owner, but I was afraid to take the necessary steps to become a business owner. Then it all changed on February 14, 2020, as I was looking at my ten-year-old son Kawuan Yelverton I thought to myself you can do this your son is depending on you. I wanted to inspire him to have confidence and believe in himself and pursue his dreams. I wanted to leave something for him in the future. 

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